“It’s so easy to be sucked into things in life; the energy of external stuff and things we should be doing.  Working with Bryony gave me the space to explore what I needed to.  Months later, I still come back daily to those things that are important to me.”

We can be so easily sucked into the hyper-productive culture that we are surrounded by.  We find ourselves overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings, ‘shoulds’ and other things that need attending to.  It’s exhausting, stressful and we find ourselves with space no space to breathe.  This can lead to burnout, lack of energy and motivation and a huge sense of feeling stuck or trapped.

Without realising it you find yourself living as a ‘human-doing’ and wonder what happened to the human-being in you.  It is so hard just to stop and be with what is going on and who we are but this is what we need.  We need to have space and time to find ourselves again, amongst all that we are living and experiencing.

I will work with you, so that you can reclaim your stillness, your anchor.  We will work from a place of what matters most to you so that you can clear what needs to be cleared, priorities what needs attending to most and set the boundaries you choose.  You will find space to breathe, the clarity and focus you need, moving forward with more simplicity and flow.  You will lead your life with grace and resilience, rather than have life leading you.

“Coaching with Bryony was a diarised opportunity to think about important things.  It really moved me along.  The space was really important.”

Root deep . stand strong . branch out